The ABC’s Of Addressing GBV In STEM On Post-Secondary Campuses

Written by: Anoodth Naushan

Courage to Act is honoured to have hosted the first national conversation on addressing GBV in STEM at PSIs in Canada.

On August 19th 2020, prominent scientist, researcher and advocate, Dr. Imogen Coe led a webinar titled, “‘The Trouble with Girls in the Lab: The Unacceptable Costs of GBV in STEM.” Her webinar explored the prevalence and nature of gender-based violence (GBV) in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) at Canadian post-secondary institutions (PSIs), and provided expert tips, tools and strategies for addressing GBV in STEM, in research culture and in academia at all levels. You can access the webinar here.

Inspired by Dr. Coe’s talk, and recognizing that this is just the start of a series of ongoing conversations and interventions, Courage to Act has created the first ABC model to assist PSIs in Canada to address and prevent GBV in STEM on campus.

Working together, this change is possible. We can take courageous action to ensure our STEM programs in Canada are inclusive and accessible spaces for all genders to learn, work and thrive.

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