Self-care For The End Of 2020

Created by: Anoodth Naushan


Whew, what a year it has been! We have collectively navigated a global pandemic, economic and political unrest and climate crises alongside urgent calls for racial and gender justice, accountability in policing and the end of anti-Black racism. We have witnessed and endured a lot this year. The organizing and calls for justice while monumental and transformative, have demanded a lot from us and we may not have had as much time to rest and replenish ourselves. Practicing self-care has never felt more urgent than at the end of 2020.

S(h)elf Care

To support you in deepening your self-care practice, Courage to Act has curated an interactive virtual shelf with some of our favourite self-care tools including guided meditations, journaling prompts, music playlists, grounding exercises, games and fun activities. Browse our selection of self-care tools by clicking on any of the ten objects on the shelf.

Resources on Your Shelf

  1. Colouring Pencils

  2. Possibility Seeds Pencil Holder

  3. Grounding Heart Stone

  4. Warm Drink

  5. Salt Lamp

  6. Headphones

  7. Audre Lorde Picture Frame

  8. Woven Basket

  9. Plant #1

  10. Plant #2

*Many thanks to our friends at me too. whose virtual healing room provided the inspiration for our virtual s(h)elf-care resource.

Suggested Citation: Naushan, A. (2020, December). Self-Care for the End of 2020. Courage to Act.


Anoodth Naushan

Anoodth Naushan (she/her) is a social researcher, policy analyst and educator who has spent several years building programs and policies in Canada and the UK to advance gender equity. Intersectionality, equity, empathy, curiosity, collaboration, storytelling and community capacity building are guiding principles that continue to inform her work. Anoodth graduated with distinction from the Masters in Social Policy and Social Research program at University College London (UCL). She can be reached at:

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