About Us

Possibility Seeds is a Canadian social change consultancy dedicated to gender justice and equity. With over 20-years experience working with community organizations, governments, private and public institutions, we care deeply about the impact of our work.

Possibility Seeds

Our Story

We were founded on the core belief that positive change is possible. 

It is easier to say this work is too hard. It is easier to say that the barriers and bureaucracy are too big. It is easier to say the politics are too complicated.

But we believe systems and beliefs can change, and gender justice and equity can thrive. We are fuelled by radical hope, planting the seeds for a wonderfully equitable future.

Our Roots

Our work is rooted in a long history of anti-racist, feminist, anti-violence activism, frontline work and research. We are grateful to the leaders who came before us. Possibility Seeds works to make transformative change for our communities and for those to come after us. 

Our Team

We are a passionate team of gender justice and equity advocates, human rights and inclusion specialists.