Consent Awareness Week

Did you know that less than half of people in Canada fully understand what it means to give consent? Responding to calls from High School Too, Possibility Seeds established a national Consent Awareness Week in 2022 with community partners across the country, running annually during the third week of September!

We chose September because the first six weeks of school are designated the Red Zone, when there is a significant increase in sexual violence at post-secondary schools. 

But Consent Awareness Week goes beyond campuses, inviting everyone to have thoughtful, affirming, intersectional and age-appropriate conversations about consent as a cornerstone of all relationships, not just intimate ones.

Hear what student leaders had to say about how to create consent culture on campus and beyond at the inaugural week’s national panel moderated by Aubrianna Snow (AB) with Aryanna Chartrand (BC), Isabel Ojeda (NL), Maya Labrosse (QC), and Daysha Loppie (ON):

How you can join the movement and participate

  1.  Keep having conversations about consent with folks of all ages in your life. As Aryanna Chartrand put it at We Build Consent: “Consent conversations can be uncomfortable, but it’s a practice. And the earlier we start practicing it, the less stigma there is around it, the less weirdness. It becomes the norm.”
  2. Start planning your Consent Awareness Week and #WeBelieveYouDay events for 2024!
  3.  Read and share resources about consent. Check out our resources below and search the hashtag #ConsentAwarenessWeek on social media to see the amazing resources folks shared this year!
  4. Write to your political representatives, urging them to join the governments that declared Consent Awareness Week in 2022 and 2023!
  5. Spread Awareness and keep sharing!