Anti-Colonial Resources for Gender Justice Advocates

The following is a community-curated list of free resources – books, articles, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and more – that recognize gender-based violence as a tool of the colonial project, and aim to decolonize the gender justice movement. While it may not be possible to decolonize all institutions; we invite gender justice advocates at community organizations and post-secondary institutions to read and engage with these resources, and strengthen/implement action plans that challenge colonial ideologies and address violence against Indigenous women, girls, Two-Spirit, queer, and trans people.

This is a living document: if you have resources to add, please email


On Indigiqueer & Two-Spirit Identities, & Gender as a Colonial Construct

On Decolonization

On Gender-Based & Sexual Violence as a Tool of Colonialism

Information on MMIWG2S+

On Indigenous Women’s Resistance

Resources for Campus Organizers

Healing & Mental Health Supports for Indigenous Folks


Suggested Reference : Courage to Act. (2023, June). Anti-Colonial Resources for Gender Justice Advocates. Courage to Act.

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