Environmental Scan of Relevant Gender-Based Violence Policies and Law for Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions

The Environmental Scan of Relevant Gender-Based Violence Policies and Law for Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions is a new resource from Courage to Act’s Work Community of Practice (CP). Lawyer Stéfanie Tougas-Trihey, with the support of Courage to Act’s Project Manager Anoodth Naushan and Research Assistant Darshana Patel, conducted a comprehensive scan of all Canadian post-secondary institutions and compiled a list of relevant gender-based violence policies and laws in place at each.

This is a useful tool for anyone reviewing or writing sexual violence policies, or looking to advocate for better policies in their province or territory or for their post-secondary institution. It is a great place to start when seeking out best practices from PSIs across the country and identifying policy gaps. It provides links to hundreds of policies, organized by province and type of institution. On top of that, it contains information about associations, unions, and HR policies which may be overlooked despite their importance in the interpretation and application of these policies.

The document consists of three tabs:

The first tab indicates whether provinces and territories in Canada have legislation mandating stand-alone sexual violence policies.

The second tab provides a list of post-secondary institutions in Canada with links to their sexual violence policies.

The third tab offers a sampling of key associations, unions and HR policies that represent workers on campuses so that GBV investigators are aware of existing collective agreements.


Suggested Citation: Tougas, S., Naushan, A., & Patel, D. (2021, October). Environmental Scan of Relevant GBV Policies and Law for Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions. Courage to Act.

Stéfanie Tougas has a background in law. She is a committed citizen, and is particularly interested in issues of rights and freedoms. She has sat on various university bodies in Quebec. / Stéfanie Tougas est juriste de formation. Elle est une citoyenne engagée et s’intéresse notamment aux enjeux de droits et de libertés. Elle a siégé sur diverses instances universitaires au Québec.

Anoodth Naushan is a social researcher and educator with experience building robust programs and policies in Canada and the UK to advance gender equity and social justice. Equity, empathy, curiosity, innovation, collaboration, and community capacity building are guiding principles that continue to inform her work. Anoodth graduated with distinction from the Masters in Social Policy and Social Research program at UCL.

Darshana Patel is a Master of Social Work student at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is an active member of the BIPOC community with South Asian roots. Darshana is committed to the work of equity, diversity, and inclusion within Social Work spaces. She comes to the work of gender-based violence with humility and is passionate about providing support to survivors of sexual trauma.

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