Courage To Act Communities Of Practice

Courage to Act has built ten robust communities of practice for post-secondary administration staff, faculty and students as well as community advocates who are working to address and prevent gender-based violence on campus.

The communities of practice provide opportunities for knowledge building and skill-sharing with gender-based violence (GBV) campus experts and advocates from across Canada. 5 – 10 experts meet monthly within the 10 communities of practice to explore promising practices, key issues for change, and provide feedback on Courage to Act toolkits.

The Communities of Practice will also develop tools in response to the gaps in programs, procedures and policies identified in the Courage to Act Report. Together, these tools will inform, support and harmonize efforts to address and prevent gender-based violence at PSIs across Canada. These robust holistic tools will also guide the creation of the National Framework.

Communities of Practice Projects

  1. Can Justice Heal: Minimum standards for using restorative practices with campus sexual violence

  2. Complaints Processes: A toolkit to guide gender-based violence investigators.

  3. Educators: Peer-to-peer facilitation toolkit for graduate students

  4. Engaging Men on Campus: Toolkit on institutional and program-level strategies to engage men and prevent gender-based violence on post-secondary institutions.

  5. Francophone: Evaluation tool and support guide to engage post-secondary institution staff

  6. Frontline GBV: Evidence-informed post-secondary institution gender-based violence services evaluation tool

  7. International Students: FAQ resource for international students

  8. Student Organizer: We Begin by Listening: Students Creating Consent Culture on Campus

    Illustrated advocacy casebook and audiobook

  9. Work: Guidelines for training gender-based violence investigators

  10. Working With People Who Have Caused Harm: Community accountability framework guide

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