Work Community of Practice: Highlights From the National Skillshare Series Presentation

Work Community of Practice

A community for student leaders, researchers, frontline-workers, student affairs professionals, unions administrators, and HR specialists about promising practices to support employees affected by gender-based violence.

Tool: Principles of Gender-Based Violence Investigations at Post-Secondary Institutions: A Comprehensive Guide for Workplace Investigations

The Work Community of Practice guide identifies the structural principles of knowledge for campus workplace GBV investigations. It is intended for use by post-secondary institutions to help them identify and evaluate qualified investigators, PSI workplace investigators of GBV cases, and decision-makers receiving and interpreting investigation reports. It forms part of a suite of Courage to Act resources, including the Comprehensive Guide to Campus Gender-Based Violence Complaints (Reporting, Investigation and Adjudication Working Group) and the Complaints Processes Community of Practice Knowledge Hub.

National Skillshare Presentation
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Suggested Citation: Work. (2021, April). Work Community of Practice: Highlights from the National Skillshare Series Presentation. Courage to Act.


Work Community of Practice

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