Resources For Gender Justice Advocates To Challenge Anti-Black Racism

The following is a community-curated list of free books, articles, blog posts, podcasts and art that recognize liberation from gender-based violence (GBV) cannot take place without an end to white supremacy and anti-Black racism. We invite gender justice advocates at community organizations and post-secondary institutions to read, engage and strengthen/implement action plans with the help of the resources below.

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Information on Sexual Violence as it Intersects with Anti-Black Racism: 

On Anti-Racism as a Cornerstone of Gender-Based Violence Prevention Work 

For Those in Management and Leadership:

For Academics:

  • Cite Black Women is a campaign that pushes for the acknowledgement of Black women’s transnational intellectual production

  • The Lemonade Syllabus curated by Candance Benbow includes books, poetry, photography, music, theatre, film and documentary inspired by Beyoncé’s visual album, Lemonade. It’s a compilation of work celebrating black women.

  • Canadian Education is steeped in anti-Black racism is an excerpt from Robyn Maynard’s book Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present.

For Campus Organizers:

On Police and Prison Abolition:

 On Black Healing and Support:

On Black Women and Girls’ Lived Experiences in Canada:

  • An article for Chatelaine by Eternity Martis, 5 Black Women Talk About Their Lives In Canada–Past, Present And Future featuring Tanya Hayles, Deanna Bowen, Kanika Samuels-Wortley, Notisha Massaquoi, and Atong Ater.

  • Black Women in Canada, a report written by Jen Katshunga, Dr. Notisha Massaquoi, The City of Toronto’s Confronting Anti-Black Racism Unit, OCASI, and Justine Wallace describes the experiences of Black women and girls in Canada with a focus on education, health, criminal justice, labour market, academia, and data.

On Blackness and Queerness:

On Health Care and Reproductive Justice

On Media Representation

On Allyship and Anti-Racism:


Last updated: February 2023


Suggested Citation: Courage to Act. (2020, June). Resources for Gender Justice Advocates to Challenge Anti-Black Racism. Courage to Act.

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