Our Campus, Our Safety

Student leaders from more than 20 universities, colleges, CEGEPS, and various national organizations, representing over 1.2 million students, gathered in summer 2022 to build 10 comprehensive evidence-based calls to action for both PSIs and governments to meaningfully address campus sexual violence. Sexual violence should never be part of the student experience.

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Our Campus, Our Safety: Student Leaders’ Action Plan for Institutions and Governments to Address and Prevent Sexual Violence on Campus
Nos campus, notre sécurité : Plan d’action étudiant à l’intention des établissements et gouvernements pour prévenir et contrer les violences à caractère sexuel sur les campus

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Action Plan Key Recommendations

  1. Create and Implement Sustainable Well-Funded Campus-Wide Education Plans

  2. Apply Trauma-Informed Practices, Procedural Fairness and Harm Reduction Principles to All Sexual Violence Complaint Processes

  3. Ensure Accessible Academic Accommodations/Considerations for People Affected by Sexual Violence

  4. Centre Survivor Voices in Institutional Policy Making in Meaningful Ways

  1. Set Provincial Standards for Campus Sexual Violence Data Collection in Collaboration with Key Stakeholders

  2. Create and Strengthen Provincial & Territorial Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks to Address and Prevent Sexual Violence on Campus

  3. Build Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committees on Campus Sexual Violence with Paid Student Representation

  4. Ensure Sustainable Funding for Community Sexual Assault Centres and PSI Sexual Assault Services

  1. Set a National Standard for How PSIs Should Address, Prevent and Respond to Sexual Violence on Campus
  2. Ensure that Addressing Campus Sexual Violence is Prioritized in the National Action Plan on Gender-Based Violence

Student Union and National Endorsers

The Our Campus, Our Safety Action Plan is a collaboration between student unions and national organizations. If your group would like to endorse the Action Plan, send your logo to  anoodth@possibilityseeds.ca