Introducing the Possibility Seeds Podcast!

We’re so excited to announce the first season of the Possibility Seeds Podcast! This is a podcast for anyone interested in gender justice activism in Canada, hosted by Farrah Khan and produced by Vocal Fry Studios.

We created this podcast to amplify stories of folks doing the good, challenging, intersectional work of gender justice activism. These are multi-generational conversations between student leaders who are newer to this work, and long-time activists who’ve been involved in some of Canada’s most historic organizing. All these leaders inspire us and fuel our belief that positive change is possible. Join them as they discuss what’s changed in gender justice organizing, what different generations of activists can learn from each other, and what gives them joy and hope.

This is a documentation of local feminist histories and a celebration of new futures being created!

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In this episode, Casandra Fullwood, Bronte Ibbotson, and Pamela Cross join us to talk about the importance of centering healing, joy, and self-care in the movement against gender-based violence.


In this episode, Keneisha Charles, Jiaqing Wilson-Yang, and Rosalyn Forrester join us to discuss gender-affirming care, and how we can centre trans and non-binary experiences in gender-based violence movements and support services.

We can’t wait for you all to hear from the rest of our incredible guests this season: Aubrianna Snow, Audrey Huntley, Alannah McKay, Fechi Onyegbule, Chloe Kemeni, Notisha Massaquoi, Radhika Gupta, and Deepa Mattoo!

Episodes will drop monthly with our newsletter, so be sure you’re subscribed and following us on socials for updates and teasers!


Created by Possibility Seeds. Project team: Farrah Khan, Emily Allan, Anoodth Naushan, Laura Murray, and Chenthoori Malankov-Milton. Produced by Vocal Fry Studios. Graphic design by Kitty Rodé with elements from Arzu Haider.

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