Engaging Men on Campus: Highlights From the National Skillshare Serie

Engaging Men on Campus Community of Practice

A community for student leaders, researchers, counsellors, frontline-workers, student affairs professionals, unions, administrators and HR specialists about promising practices to engage men on campus regarding addressing and preventing gender-based violence.

With thanks to the Engaging Men on Campus Community of Practice members: Daniel Brisebois, David Garzon, Eric Craven, Ian DeGeer, Leah Shumka, Lisa Clarke, Sharon Miklas, and Aspen apGaia.

Tool: The Engaging Men on Campus Community of Practice: Pathways for Engagement: Institutional and Program-level Considerations to Engage Men and Prevent Sexualized and Gender-Based Violence on Post Secondary Campuses

We hope this resource helps support your work engaging male-identified people on campus. Including men in these conversations is crucial and there is a lot to consider. We hope we have provided you with a place to start. This work is emerging and we have tried to offer key considerations and emerging and promising practices. Through this process, we have tried to address many of the complexities of this work. For example, How do we get men to offer leadership in these issues while acknowledging that men in leadership positions can also be part of the problem? What does recruitment look like? How can these strategies be trauma-informed? We hope that this resource will help you to ask the right questions as you design programming, implement services, and design ways to evaluate your work.

National Skillshare Presentation
Watch the presentation and download the full transcript below or on our Education page.

Download the transcript here.


Suggested Citation: Engaging Men on Campus. (2021, March). Engaging Men on Campus Community of Practice: Highlights from the National Skillshare Series Presentation. Courage to Act.


Engaging Men on Campus Community of Practice

Learn more about the Engaging Men on Campus Community of Practice here.

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