About Us

Farrah Khan (she/her)

CEO & Founder (On Leave)

Farrah Khan is a human rights and gender equity advocate. For over two decades, Farrah has worked in gender justice movements, addressing complex problems with innovative solutions. As the founder and CEO of Possibility Seeds, she led Courage to Act, a national five-year collaborative project addressing gender-based violence at Canadian post-secondary institutions. 

Farrah also co-created Use The Right Words, a suite of media guides for reporting on gender-based violence used by newsrooms nationally, and the Healing Comes in Waves podcast, a go-to resource for survivors of sexual violence. She is the new Executive Director of Action Canada, a progressive, pro-choice charitable organization committed to advancing sexual health and reproductive rights nationally and globally.

Farrah is a trusted advisor to organizations, institutions and all levels of government. She has shaped policy as the co-chair of the Ontario Provincial Roundtable on Violence Against Women and as a member of the Government of Canada Advisory Council on the Strategy to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Violence. In 2015, she established one of Canada’s first stand-alone campus sexual violence support and education offices, Consent Comes First, at Toronto Metropolitan University. In 2018, Farrah was appointed to the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council and insisted before an audience of world leaders at the Summit that concrete action on gender equity is necessary to create a thriving world. She uses her platform to mentor young feminist groups in advocacy with policymakers and the media. 

Farrah’s work demonstrates her commitment to systemic change rooted in joy, equity, and community care.