Courage to Act: A Starter Kit for Campus GBV Workers

The critical work of responding to gender-based violence on campuses, with its many challenges and complexities, can seem heavy. For those new to this work especially, it can also feel overwhelming. 

Fortunately, incredible work is happening across the country. A national network comprising thousands of student leaders, survivors, frontline workers, legal experts, union leaders, post-secondary educators, staff, and administrators have responded to the call to action in Courage to Act’s draft Framework. They have contributed to 70 cutting-edge, evidence-based tools and toolkits to help address and prevent gender-based violence at PSIs across Canada. These resources are freely available for download on the Possibility Seeds site.  

To help you get started, Possibility Seeds put together this curated “starter pack” of foundational tools and toolkits to provide a basis for your important work to build safer campuses. 








****As you progress in this work, remember that self-care is vital to sustaining our social change movements. You Matter Too: Self-Care Resources for Campus Gender-Based Violence Workers offers resources to support you in cultivating and strengthening your self-care practices. 

These resources will be valuable to those seeking to address and prevent campus GBV. They represent the start of a meaningful conversation, and we encourage readers to also seek out training, education, and professional development opportunities in relevant areas to enhance their knowledge and sustained engagement with this work.

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